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Who prefers the Office and Windows interface? September 24, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

CRN has an article on Google and the internet blah, blah blah bullshit.  Great.  They do ask a valid question though:

….But seriously folks, who prefers the Windows or Office interface to Google?

I prefer the Windows interface and Office interface to that of Google.  I hate browser based applications and often times refuse to use an application if it has a web interface.  Browsers are very insecure and if you think Im going to trust critical personal information to go over the internet just to use Googles applications you have lost your fucking mind.  I like rich applications and if Im going to use remote apps I would prefer to have them on my own servers not a company like Googles.  Also, what happens if your network goes down and you have some people who use Gmail for word processing, what happens if its not my fault or the IT departments fault?  Youd have employees sitting there jerking off, not doing a thing and it goes on their list of excuses.  Bandwidth needs to improve, reliability and security need to be improved. Before I would consider Google as a enterprise solutions provider and no, they aren’t going to improve all that much in Googles timeframe.



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