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Two faced Linux fans October 1, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

The Linux community is divided. Not by too many distributions and not because of lack of preloaded Linux companies. What makes the Linux community two-faced is that they claim they want choice. Choice is good and don t forget, Open source for everyone is good. yet they want Linux to be the dominant OS. They want Dell and other hardware manufacturers to distribute Linux, Fuck Microsoft. Microsoft is bad and they don t deserve the wealth. Some Open Source leaders, claim they want to “piss” on Microsoft s grave. And these are the same people who want us to believe they developed Linux clean-room with no access or usage of UNIX code. Ummmmmhmmmmmmmm, okay.

Its already been proven with Microsoft that no company can create and expect to maintain a one-size-fits all product to maintain all sectors of computing without major work. The way I see the spectrum is that each OS has its purpose. Some work well as a desktop OS, while others work well as a server system. Some work well for embedded, others don t. I don t want a dominating OS. I want to use products that work well in whatever environment I introduce them whether its UNIX, Linux, Windows or BSD. When the Linux community and their leaders such as Eric Raymond learn to grow up and show some maturity then lets talk. The Linux community has the same problem that the Mac side has. Their worst enemy is not Microsoft, its worst enemy is their user base and their self labeling leaders.



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