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Microsoft: No Office for Linux October 6, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Once again, Microsoft reiterates, NO OFFICE FOR LINUX!!!!

A Novell spokesman says its because Microsoft doesnt want to give up its market position.

I have one thing to say to that, Bullshit. If there was an Office for Linux it would have no effect and besides, how many people would buy it? Not many. Microsofts dominance lies in the Windows Operating System, not in Office. OEM’s ship Windows, customers buy Windows. Home consumers buy Windows. To me it seems the Open Source and Linux communities use the reasons of Microsoft as a crutch and an excuese to mask their products inefficiencies. Granted, in an enterprise setting Office and Groupware matter, but not in a home users world.

The fact remains that Linux is unsuitable for any home user and it appears it will remain so for the time being. People who never knew C++ in their life dont want to learn how to compile an application, they dont want to go around their backs to bet to their privates to install a device. You also have to factor inwell written code for device drivers and applications, device drivers are the #1 reason for Windows crashes, what happens if the driver developer doesnt test his driver on Linux and an instability occurs? Its the same mess all over again. Most of my relatives have no desire to be in the IT field and thats why they dont use Linux.

The Linux community wants to preach standards, yet they have no standard desktop, they have no standard package installer and they cant agree on one. My advice to the Linux community, quit making excuses and start working on your products. Quit trying to blame Microsoft and improve your offerings.

This is not to say Microsoft is not at fault. Security is always an issue, but security is an issue period no matter what you use. People who say they are unhackable or provide superior security are living in an illusion. But, Microsofts forced upgrades, overpriced licensing are always a problem. Microsoft should expect that people will be using older versions of their software for at least 3 – 5 years after they release a newer version. Why? Because take Windows 2000 for example, its solid, reliable and trusted. Microsoft offered no compelling reason to upgrade to XP. In Microsofts quest to move to one code base they sacrificed a lot. Security was one major sacrifce, Windows XP suffers from more vulnerabilities than Windows 2000. Now last time I checked in product quality, new stuff is supposed to beat the older. Microsoft should quit trying to force upgrades and at least try to fix their products. If Microsoft wants to keep people from jumping ship, lower your prices. Microsoft is the only company I have ever seen that tries to justify raising the price.



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