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Virtual Earth apps on Linux October 6, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

We have heard about Linux users bitching and complaining about not having anything like Google Earth on Linux. They have been directing to World Wind, which only downfall is that it doesnt produce an arial view. Tonight I was at a geek dinner and many of the Linux geeks were very much complaining about the situation. I asked “What about Microsoft’s Virtual Earth” Oh how they laughed and proclaimed since it was Microsoft it was almost certainly not going to work. I asked ” Have you tried?” The concensus was that they werent even going to waste their time. Me being the guy I am decided to try, I tried on RHEL 3 and Fedora Core 4. Below is the result, not only does it work, it works rather well. So guys, no more excuses, no more reasons not to try. It just works. Im sure with Mono, the Linux community can even create some killer add-ons that they can use. In fact, if you have any ideas, let me know and I will gladly help where I can.

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1. Anonymous - October 7, 2005

Why would I bastardize Linux by using Microsoft solutions? Microsoft is in its death throes and using a Microsoft product on Linux now would be stupid. I give MS maybe 3 to 4 more years of life and then Red Hat will buy em out.

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