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Mac BU at a Crossroads October 9, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

John C. Welch, a person I admire and respect, has posted a blog entry online at Bynkii.com. He makes a great argument about the Mac BU and I think he offers some insight to the problems at the Mac BU. Even though I no longer actively develop for the Mac or use it as a primary system I still keep up with its developments. John is an avid mac user and developer, has written books on the Mac. Mac OS X Server was a book he wrote years ago that I actually used as a primary reference for a research paper I did on Mac OS X in college

Rick Schaut whom I dont know responded to John’s post. He also makes some very good points. To which John wrote a pretty lengthy retort so go to Ricks blog page and read it. Anyway, while I agree with John there are some points that Rick brings up that I agree with I have my own views on the subject.

Microsoft Office on the Mac is superior to the Win Office version. It has functionality and features Win Office users can only dream of having. The Mac BU does an excellent job of making the products that it does and Im sure they will have no problems enhancing the Mac Office suite and Im sure it will get a lot of fanfare. I do however consider the MacBU’s products and Mac Office to be second class citizens, similar to the way Apple treats its Windows customers. More on that later.

But, what John is missing is that Microsoft is a Windows company. Windows is their primary interest so yes they will produce a better build for their product than anyone else. their Win Office product will always be the primary interest. I have long advocated Apples technologies to be brought over to the other side. XCode I wanted so that I could actually have a product that I can use for crossplatform developement and the Mac is important because it is the second largest desktop system next to Windows. I see more Windows and Mac desktops than I see Linux desktops. Anyway, because I dont have the common development environment there are things I can do with .NET that I cant do with Objective C and vice versa. iTunes for Windows, in laymens terms, blows. It has performance issues and often times sends my WinXP to some netherrealm from wence it wont return unless I kill the process. I often times have to power up the Mini or the iBook to sync with my iPod. Webobjects was a killer environment that was utilized long ago on Windows. It has recieved the axe and became an OS X only product. Apple creative suites such as Shake, Garage Band were once very popular on the Windows platform. Also axed by Apple, Windows users had to hunt alternatives.

So does Microsoft take its Mac customers seriously? Nope, they dont. Does Apple take its Windows customers seriously? Nope, they dont. So what do we have here? We have two companies that show favoritism to their favorite platforms. In an enterprise setting file formats and interoperability are king and Microsoft has delivered an enterprise ready Office suite for the Mac.

BTW, where Microsoft stiuck the Mac BU in the reorg was very insulting but who knows maybe it was meant to be insulting.


1. Anonymous - October 9, 2005

Good post. But work on your formatting.

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