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Jonathan Schwartz: The Value in Volume October 10, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Jonathan Schwartz wrote in his blog on Oct 1 a piece on the value of volume. I have to say I agree with a lot of what Jonathan said but Im a guy that doesnt like most web apps. I dont feel they are more convenient, I dont feel they are revolutionary in any way but a big step backwards. Not everything will become a web app. Some web apps are good, some actually help. Like the MSN Virtual Earth, it doesnt take much in terms of resources to run it. If they came out with a web based Office suite I wouldnt use it. I believe the place for the Office Suite is on my desk on my hard drive, I type a lot of personal sensitive documents and I need them secured, I dont need anyone snooping and get hold of my information. Right now there is nothing in place that can match the security of me typing my document in StarOffice, off the network and encrypted on my flash drive. For home users, a web based suite would be good and probably would suffice. But for an enterprise customer I doubt it.

Everyone including Jonathan is so focused on Microsoft. They publicly pick on Microsoft, personally that shows immaturity and I hate that a company or individual cannot at least act professionally. Jonathan and company need to cut the rhetoric, start making products and once again beat Microsoft. I dont make my purchases based on rhetoric and bullshit. If StarOffice is superior to Office 2003 then show me. Give me examples, give me some numbers. Don t tell me “Microsoft is a monopolist” and expect me to really care. If I meet with you and the first words out of your mouth when I ask the question why your product? is because Microsoft is a monopolist. Meeting over. I have my problems with MS and I know what the issues are. Now are Microsoft s bundling of products anti-competitive? Not anymore. With Microsoft bundling other services, I disagree with his statement. Now it would be anti-competitive for them to include their services and only their services which they haven t done in the case of Vista. Does Jonathan know a secret? Does Microsoft intend on bundling Office with Vista?

In terms of bundling. I very much dislike the bundling of Google toolbar with Java. If I wanted the Google toolbar I would go download the Google toolbar. Thats what kills me about RealPlayer. RealPlayer is good, but I just dont like the apps they bundle with it.

Now, about the file formats fiasco that has been going on. I have heard both sides and I have my own opinion but the one thing I have heard was that they want an Open format. Thats great, open formats and standards are great, but I dont consider a specification to be open like that. When a specification has a 1.0 value behind it its not standard. That means more work is going to be done and it might be bastardized in 5 years. So what happens in a 100 years? Will that 1.0 format be supported and readable by any application? You want open formats. TXT, RTF and PDF are the only ones you can count on.



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