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FSF Congratulates Microsoft October 20, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Now this seems to be really weird. The FSF has congratulated Microsoft on its new Shared Source License model. I personally agree that these licenses particularly the Ms-PL and Ms-CL do qualify as a Open Source licenses not particularely the FSF’s terms. Microsoft has already said code released under these licenses cannot be intermingled with GPL code but it can be used in conjunction with the MPL and the BSD license which in my opinion are superior to the GPL.

The Biggest test for Microsoft is not that these licenses exist, but that Microsoft does utilize these licenses and even open up one of their products like IIS or something non-monetary that they can use and build upon community collaboration, and community participation.

Microsoft offers FlexWiki, WiX, WTL. And a few other things under the IBM CPL license.

Further note that Microsoft does not seem to be wanting at this time to get these licenses certified with the OSI. The OSI seems to be open to the idea as they have dialogue with Microsoft and have moved the Halloween documents off their site and gave them to Eric Raymond for his personal site. That move shows a little maturity on their part. Microsoft has a long row to hoe in getting respect back amongst developers and other tech types and this is a step, lets see how far they are willing to go.



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