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Jonathan Schwartz and the state of Solaris October 30, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

On Jonathans blog he states the fitness of Solaris for the community. He calls it the fastest growing Open Source OS. First congrats on getting IBM to support Solaris on their BladeCenter. I think its pretty shitty you refuse to support AIX with the JES. Nice way to stab your partner in the back. They support you, yet you wont support them. I hope Suns drama surrounding Solaris isnt the same as the $1.00 grid computing solution you offered which you have yet to see any revenue from. I want to know how many licenses you have distributed for Solaris and OpenSolaris. Is the 3,000,000 count for both versions of the OS or does it lean more to OpenSolaris?

Next why dont Dell and HP market Solaris. Well first Sun is getting a raw deal, as anyone who has sat through an IBM bidding war they market AIX more than anything. IBM does do Linux and Windows but it only offers thiose alternatives if the customer insists on those alternatives. The real test will be who actually installs Solaris on IBM hardware. HP and Dell tend to go with Market trends and right now Windows and Linux are hot, Solaris is not. Sure you have distributed 3,000,000 licenses but how many of those are actual production use and not hobbyists tinkering? How many of those licenses are current customers simply upgrading? These are the areas you have to look too. 3,000,000 licenses are great but in the world of computing 3 million licenses dont amount to much. I think Sun is doing a great job with the Solaris OS but before Jonathan criticizes he has to look at how the software is being used and they have to look at trends. After all they used customer demand as a reason for screwing AIX customers. HP and Dell can simply reverse the excuse.


1. Anonymous - October 30, 2005

I guess you’ve never heard an IBM sales rep talk about JES – they constantly bash it at such a level you have to wonder why Sun would want the hassle of supporting AIX.

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