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Microsoft Singularity October 31, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Microsoft Research has written a whitepaper that exoplains Singularity, a new OS written in managed code. Sun tried to create a Java OS years ago but it failed. Lets see how a C# OS works then.



1. Anonymous - October 31, 2005

I think comparing Singularity to JavaOS is a little bit misleading, since the actual runtime environment is very different. JavaOS actually tried to apply the Java runtime model – interpreted/JIT-compiled, dynamic loading, reflection, etc. – at the kernel level, which is just plain stupid. By contrast, Singularity relies heavily on compile-time checking for code that actually runs native, and puts many restrictions on SIPs for the sake of safety. It remains to be seen whether their approach actually yields a result comparable to a more traditionally implemented OS, but it certainly seems like a promising way to avoid JavaOS’s major mistakes.

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