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Sad news and a damn shame November 2, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

SGI once the king of the UNIX graphics world. SGI was once the king of Hollywood. Every graphics artist, CGI artist used an SGI. Well, now SGI has seen better days. It has been delisted from the NYSE. SGI made several mistakes and while it may seem like I bash Linux but Im not, Linux was one of those mistakes. SGI produced IRIX which was one of the most user friendly flavors of UNIX on the market. SGI decided to pull a Novell and thought Linux would be its savior. One of the things Novell did that SGI didnt was that Novell bought out one of the main Linux distributors, SGI made their own distribution that went with the Alltix. Novell abandoned their Netware customers, SGI abandoned their IRIX customers. SGI equipment was high priced and SGI didnt want to give any on their price or architecture even with the growing competition from HP and Apple in their main area of expertise.

What should SGI do? Well, hope for a aquisition from Microsoft or Apple. Microsoft could use SGI’s developers expertise with XBox as could Apple.



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