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Taking a break from Channel 9 November 5, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

I’m not gouing to be hypocritical like Beer28 ion Channel 9 and say I will never be back, Im just taking a break from it. Why? Very simple, Channel9 has turned into a haven for Linux bashers to come bash Windows and start a bunch of shit threads on why Linux is better than Windows and vice versa. Personally, I dont understand it because if I went to a Linux forum and starting posting questions on Windows I’d be cussed out at the least, Id be banned from the forum more than likely, yet Jonathanh and the niner moderators put up with Beer28 and the rest of the Linux zealots for some ungodly reason. I dont mind people stating their opinions but when it comes to people degrading, insulting people who make a clear choice to use Microsoft technologies rather than Open Source technologies, it has gotten ridiculous. You wanna insult Windows users join the SuSE mailing list or post on Slashdot and Newsforge like any self respecting linux zealot would.

I joined Channel9 the 1st or second day it went live. Channel9 went from extremely crappy and boring to exciting and I dont blame Microsoft or Jeff, Robert, Lenn or any of them for the beginning, they were creating the community, they were building their base and Channel 9 has been a very good resource. I learned and continue to learn a lot from it. But due to the fact the forums, not just the coffehouse but some of the others have gone the wayside it would make sense for me to stay away for a little while. Maybe Jonathanh and the others should set up a Linux only forum fro guys like Beer and the others that way they dont pollute the rest of the forums with their “Linux is the best everybody switch now” bullshit.

I will continue to view the forums and watch the videos that are put up but I wont be as active on the forums as I was.



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