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Gartner: Ignore Vista until 2008 November 12, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

ZDNet is running an article about Gartner releasing a study not to consider Vista until 2008. being as though I have been using Windows Vista through the beta program I can say their analysis is short sighted and does not accurately reflect the importance of Windows Vista features.

Firs they state Internet Explorer 7 “to stem defections from IE to Firefox” and “has been accelerated” to be delivered in early 2006. But the “important ability to restrict some browser activities to a lower privileged process” will not be available because it requires Vista functionality,” This is true but they ignore the manageability of the the browser. IE can be configured using Group Policy. Firefox cannot. There are no third part addons for firefox to enable Group Policy and it doesnt look like there will be. IE 7’s new security features is a main point why businesses should deploy Windows Vista. Its not a reason to ignore Windows Vista.

Secondly, ” Also on the security issue, the Windows Vista personal firewall is better than the one included in XP Service Pack 2, Gartner acknowledged, and will, crucially, improve security on inbound and outbound traffic — a particular issue with laptops. But, the analysts say, users should already have “a more than capable” firewall on their laptops anyway. ” Gartner is clearly avoiding the issue of cost. ZoneAlam Pro costs, McAfee and Norton cost money. The firewall in Windows Vista does not. Its a rich and capable Firewall thats integrated into the OS for free meaning no cost for this important level of security. That coupled with the integration of Anti-Spyware is an advantage to Vista.

Also they bring up search, yes the search in Windows XP SP2 is slow, they do not acknowledge the serious security risks of using the Google Desktop Search and short comings of some thrd party search add-ons. The Google Desktop Search, in my opinion, is a poor recommendation for business users. Windows Desktop Search and Copernic Desktop Search offer many more advantages in terms of security, usability and functionality. The one problem with most Desktop Search engines is that many times a month the index must be rebuilt. Its less of an annoyance with Copernic, but in terms of WDS, GDS and YDS, if a file is deleted the tools do not delete the entry from the index immediately leading to false results. False results are also less evident in WDS when you have WDS set to index with priority. Also, none of these have a server search counterpart like Windows Longhorn Server will have to help streamline results accross the company network. Google has one but its extremnely limited and severly crippled.

In my opinion this Gartner research should be largely ignored and companies should investigate whether or not Windows Vista will enhance their infrastructure rather than just to ignore it outright. Windows Vista has many new features for creativity, productivity, manageability, reliability and security and will bring the TCO for Windows shops lower considering the OS itself manages to curb the main problem with Windows maintenance with its lower rights account settings: The main problem being users.



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