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Parents sue Blizzard Entertainment November 20, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Surprising what people can sue for nowadays. Parents are suing Blizzard saying their pride and joy died for reenacting a scene from the game. Im not making light of this mind you, but I dont blame the game makers, I blame the parents. Did they sit down and talk to their kid about reality and fantasy? Did they bother to check to see if the game has a mature rating? Where the hell were they when he decided to reenact the scene?



1. Considered-Think - September 6, 2006

Games nowadays have a specified age of purchasing the game. Even if it was MA 15+ it doesnt mean underage people arent going to be playing it.

2. Considered-Think - September 6, 2006

Double Posting may be bad but i have something else to comment.
We all know Blizzard Entertainment is a game industry but what i read from the article it said, ”Blizzard did not have a warning” for underage players. This is like one in a million, one kid suicides its just like winning the lottery. This isnt natural for someone to just jump off a tall building after playing some game for 32 hours. Did the game happen to finish at a certain level or did he rage and got mad at himself for not finishing a mission? This boy must have a mental illness to do such a thing.

3. swissreplica9 - January 15, 2007

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