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Mac OS X could kill Microsoft November 22, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

I read this on OSNews and I thought it would lead to a Mac site and I like a good Mac story. Coming from the NeXTStep and early Rhapsody adopters thats what I thought I would be reading about. The rise of Mac OS X. LXer printed this article and my only question is: Do editors bother to read the articles put up? I’m going to post my thoughts on this article. If you like em fine, if not. Well, tough shit its my opinion.

WARNING: This blog entry contains profanity, if you offend easily dont read it. Also Im not an english scholar or major, it may contain grammatical and spelling errors, if this gets under your skin revise it, correct it and I will change it otherwise any e-mails or comments telling me Im mean, rude, or that it contains grammatical errors or that Im a poo poo head will be deleted and ignored.

Now lets get on with it:

” No one would call Steve Jobs a man of the people right now. But they could. Steve has the capacity to become a global hero. He just hasn’t availed himself of the opportunity. ”

I should have realized this was going to lead to trouble so I kept going.

” Steve has the capacity to be loved even with his current detractors. People would forgive and forget with Steve if he made a couple of moves toward a different model of business. That’s not the case with Bill Gates.”

What is there to forgive in regards to Steve Jobs? I have dealt with the Mac community and Apple since 1997. Clear it up.

” Bill Gates could open source all his products, put Office into a public project and port it to Linux, adopt the GPL and people will continue to regard him with contempt. He may give all his money away before he dies and the world won’t even mention him as a footnote in history. The Gates legacy lives in infamy. We know him for what he represents”

This is where the ignorance of the author really started to piss me off. Mind you not because he is a Linux guy, I dont mind a Linux guy. But because he is a fricking moron. Bill Gates has done more for the third world, finding cures for diseases and trying to help with the worlds problems than anyone gives him credit for. The Gates foundation donates millions of dollars in medical aid, technology and funds and this guy thinks Bill Gates will be remembered for the technology industry and what a small group of people think of him. Uhmm Asshole, ask anyone who doesnt pay any attention to the tech industry who Bill Gates is and you wont hear, monopolist, produces closed source software. You will hear Rich, nerd, geek and someone may mention the Gates foundation. Who are your heroes? Larry Ellison, the CEO of Oracle who runs around like a 19 year old with a permanent hard on? Or maybe Larry and Sergei (sorry if I misspelled the name). Bill Gates is donating his money and time to trying to help find a cure for AIDs, they are buying used 767’s just for the hell of it. Yet they are better men than Bill Gates? Give me a break. I’m not judging anyone mind you, its their money, they earned it fair and square and they can do what they want with it but at least Bill Gates is giving something back and trying to do good for the world.

As for Steve Jobs. I like Steve Jobs, I think he is a hell of a salesman but in turn I think you are giving the man too much credit. Where has he said he wants to be a global hero? Find me anyone who really wants to be a global hero. Apple can not and should not Open Source Aqua, they already build an Open Source OS its called Darwin. Apple is the only company that has shown me that they can balance proprietary and open source and still turn a huge profit. They balance it out. Open Source is not the cure all, be all of the IT industry a case well learned through SGI. Steve Jobs may be the CEO of Apple but he has to keep the stockholders happy. He has to show the stockholders that he and Apple are capable of success and maintaining value. If he open sources his crown jewels for anyone to port to Linux or even Windows, what value does Apple have then?

You want an Aqua version of OpenOffice, well the community is working on it. If you want OpenOffice without an X Server, try NeoOffice J. Apple makes a word processor, its called Pages and its pretty darn good, they make a presentation package called Keynote, and rumor has it that they are developing a spreadsheet app called Numbers which will undoubtedly have Apples classic signature of beauty and finesse to it. Microsoft makes Office for the Mac, and when it releases its OpenXML import/export filters for Office for Mac you will have your format that will be readable 100 years from now. When the OpenOffice team releases its native version for Mac OS X, you will then have your Open Document Format if thats what you wish to have. I’m pretty sure Apple will make a decision for an XML document format for Pages, Keynote and its upcoming Numbers whether it will be ODF or OpenXML remains to be seen.

Apple is poised that it could give Microsoft a run for its money right now, on its own merits it doesn’t need to open source everything under the sun to do so and it doesnt need to adopt Open Source software to do so because compared next to the offerings Apple has and the capabilities of Apples design teams the open source projects the author mentions do not even stand a chance..



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