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Just Say No to Microsoft November 28, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Got the book, read the book. It was a fairly interesting read from someone who clearly is biased. It doesnt paint a pretty picture of Microsoft and I very much disagree with many of his assertations on competeing products such as saying iTunes doesnt contain any DRM schemes, they all do. Or his assertation that Linux is a hacker proof system. He provides a good overlook of the OpenOffice.org office suite and the history contained withing has much of the Urban Legends as well as some of the actual facts. Will this book make many people switch? Yep the ignorant and uninformed will switch, for those more intuned to the computer industry, many will see it as the work of fiction mixed in with free advertising for Open Source solutions, then I doubt it will have much effect. One of the reviewers on Amazons site states the author tried to avoid bashing Microsoft, it was quite apparent he tried very much to bash Microsoft


1. Dan (Niche Inspector Review) - May 3, 2008

Good book, but too many anti-negative Microsoft stories

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