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If it makes you happy December 22, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

I don’t know if this should be on just my Tech Blog, The Tech Journal or if I should post it on my personal blog. It has a whole lot to do with tech and some not to do with tech so I guess when in doubt publish on both. First, Im gonna jump in on the GNOME vs KDE thread that has been on the Linux kernel mailing list and the shockwaves that it has caused. It has caused so many shockwaves cuz Linus Torvalds himself had said he prefers KDE. It has died down on most public news sites its still a hot topic on some mailing lists. While KDE has its faults, its slower to load. I might add its a negligible difference compared to Windows or Mac. I also don t like how the KDE Project hijacks some smaller projects to integrate them into the core project. Some of these applications have bugs, some major that users must wait until the next release for a fix. But on the other hand GNOME was designed by developers for developers. KDE offers a much more ease of use experience. It offers on many applications a visual representation of what that application is doing. GNOME does not. With GNOME you must sift through dozens of log files to figure out that an app is not working. For example, Beagle, The GNOME desktop search engine would never work right on my machine. Couldn’t figure out why and without a clear, legible way of figuring out why the bitch wasnt working, I had to abandon it. Kat on the other hand, has an experience similar to Copernic or Windows Desktop Search. It has progress bars and told me on which directory it was hanging and not a bunch of garbage telling me it was looping at cluster 73 of my hard disk drive. Which one do you think is a better experience? Which one do you think would be less intimidating to a person who doesn’t know what a cluster is? much less Cluster 73? Now the GNOME file manager, Nautilus was designed by retards it seems. It follows the OpenVMS rule of changing folder permissions (OpenVMS is an OS designed by DEC, later sold to Compaq, later sold to HP) In OpenVMS you could change the parent folder but you had to individually change the sub folders, which is retarded, nautilus follows the same rule, you have to either individually change the sub folders or change the whole thing from the command line. KDE’s file manager includes a nifty little check box that when checked will change the sub folders for you. Which one is less confusing? Which one is less intimidating to the average consumer who may have a vague understanding of permissions? KDE in my opinion is the better Linux or Solaris desktop than GNOME. GNOME has many other problems, to me it doesnt look very professional but looks rather childish, The applications are not as functional as they are on KDE. But you know what. If GNOME makes you happy use GNOME. I really don’t care, I use KDE it makes me happy.

Now, life is too goddamn short. Why in the bloody bluest blazes of hell am I going to spend my time arguing about Windows vs. Linux vs. Solaris vs Mac. Its a no win argument. I’m unlikely to change your mind about Operating Systems, just as you are unlikely to change my opinions about them. I like UNIX and Windows, they have their place and they do the job well. Linux is also good, it does its job well. Operating Systems and software are tools use the best one for the job. I’m not going to use a wrench when I need a hammer. I’m unlikely going to use a socket ratchet when I need a screwdriver. These arguments have gotten stupid, they are unproductive and they are retarded and more importantly a waste of time. One problem I see with the Linux and UNIX communities is that they are obsessed with Microsoft and what Microsoft is doing, STOP IT. Let Microsoft do their thing, you guys do yours. The Linux and UNIX communities are starting to remind me of the nosy damn neighbors that I have when two cars pull into my driveway they call and ask if I’m having a party. Whatever Microsoft, Google or Apple are doing is none of your business. It doesn’t concern you, move on.

Now how does this transfer into life? Simple. Life is too short for political or religious arguments, its too short for arguing period. What people need to do is learn to do what makes them happy. Be happy in life people, I try to make good on any situation Im in. Things could always be worse. I could be dead, in jail, suffering from erectile dysfunction or a bunch of worse things. Shit I could be suffering from the bubonic Plague. I have tons of problems. Im broke, Im in debt up to my ears, single and Im ugly. Do I cry about it? Do I want to end my life? Do I want to hide in my house or under my bed and whimper and whine? Nope, I don’t. There are plenty of things productive that I could do. I hope I have my friends and others whom I give pleasure to with my existence. If I do great, if I don’t, oh well. I don’t try to make anyone else happy, I strive to make myself happy. After all to quote one of the sexiest ladies alive, Sheryl Crow, if it makes you happy; It cant be that bad.



1. Anonymous - December 22, 2005

Well said! I agree. ~Wabbit

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