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Windows Live and Office Live destined to fail? December 27, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Microsoft as most of you know by now has released Windows Live and Office Live to hopefully battle Google and Yahoo on the services front. So this raises the questions, will the ‘Live’ services die? Microsoft is very influential and is probably putting a pretty penny into seing Windows Live and Office Live thrive and prosper. But will it reach the masses? Sure the Windows using masses. Microsoft has not done one thing to show that these services will ever be cross-platform. Office live is understandable. Office doesnt run on Linux or Solaris so thats a non-issue. but to take MSN messenger and integrate it oh so tightly into Windows Live is a mistake. Mac users use MSN Messenger, Linux users use MSN Messenger, Windows 2000 users use MSN Messenger. Its a widely used platform and while Microsoft hasnt gone through such underhanded tactics as Yahoo as changing protocols handlers to lock out 3rd party IM clients, they do not give enough for anyone to easily access all the features such as Webcam and voice chat. Yahoo does offer a Linux and UNIX client for their alternative users, Google uses an open protocol for their IM offering, which they do allow users of alternate platforms to easily configure 3rd party IM clients to access their network.

Microsoft has pretty much quit developing its IM client for Windows 2000, which is a mistake considering Windows 2000 is still the dominating OS used in most corporations today, they dont develop any version of their MSN messenger client for Linux or Solaris users, it seems to me that Microsoft only wants to cater to its Windows audience and thats it. Can they truly hope to compete with Google or Yahoo? I dont think so, the more they keep their Live services targeted at Windows XP and Windows Vista users the more Microsoft is pushing their services to a niche standing.



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