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The Sad Irony of Open Sourcd December 28, 2005

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Steven J. Vaughn-Nichols put up his editorial on “The Sad Irony of SCO”. While Steven tries to make a point it falls short. SCO has always had its Partner program it’s always has been a great partner program. Its nothing new. The problem with the Open Source community is that no one really cared about SCO in the past. Its happened, no one in the Open Source community ever really cares unless the product is pulled from the community. Look at Nessus for example. Nessus is a network vulnerability scanner. Nessus was Open Sourced and put out there for all to see. It wasnt until they decided to pull it from the Open Source community that everyone turned around and took notice, in fact its now been forked. But the product almost died because of lack of care. Open Source doesnt save everyone. In fact the only reason why Novell even took off when it aquired SUSE was not because of the merits of the product, but simply because many in the Open Source community saw Novell as their savior from SCO. Now lets look at companies that have been less than fortunate. SGI comes to mind. SGI utilizes a lot of Linux, makes hardware to die for yet they have all but dropped off the planet. Nope, had SCO stayed with Linux, I doubt we would even have SCO around now.



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