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Apple Introduces new products January 11, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

This years MacWorld SF was just as exciting as the rest. Steve Jobs definately puts the flair on every keynote he does. You can catch the webcast here.

Some of the new products include the new MacBook pro, which replaces the PowerBook G4, the power series of products is gone, which has the new Intel Core duo.

And the new iMac which is Intel based as well.

iWork has recieved many enhancements as has iLife

How well do I think the new products will do? Among Mac fans, they should do rather well. Honestly though, I will hold off until Windows Vista to see if i switch or not. See the whole race here is to see who can deliver more value for the money. Apple has to be able to remain competitive with Microsoft and Windows Vista. Vista is shaping up to give Mac OS X a run for its money on Graphics and Audio production which is a market Apple excels in. My feeling is that if Microsoft delivers , considering PC’s are cheaper than Macs I dont think Apple will see many more switchers.

Going by Microsofts trends Win Vista will be expensive. Im guessing $500 – $600 range. Even if someone buys a new PC laptop now which for Dell is like $499.00 and they decide to upgrade, lets say at $500.00 in December ’06 you only spend $1,000 dollars overall. The lowest priced MacBook pro is $1,999.00. When Vista is released it will be released at the OEM’s cost and not the consumer which may add $100 to the purchase cost of a new computer.

iMy suggestion is to hold off on buying a new PC and decide which one makes economic sense for you.



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