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More Macworld chaos January 14, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Man Apple and Microsoft may have been hugs and kisses on stage but now the gloves are coming off. Now Microsoft is killing off its Windows Media Player for Mac. Microsoft has contracted a third party to creat flip4Mac. Which allows you to play Windoiws Media audio and Video files, this is a tragedy as on my Macs I use Windows Media Player for all my wma audio files.This absolutely sucks, but hey what can a brother do. Anyway, flip4Mac will not play DRM content. The reason, not Microsoft. Apple is refusing to supply Microsoft with the specs to get DRM working on the platform. To clarify, I know some of you are thinking. “Darwin, the core of Mac OS X is Open Source right?”. True it is, but the Core Audio and Core Video modules Microsoft needs to access to get DRM working is not Open Source.

In other news, Windows XP will not boot on the new Intel Core Duo machines, the iMac and MacBook Pro, because Apple is not using BIOS like they did on their preview developer machines. They went with the EFI Firmware which is Intels new BIOS Replacement. Windows Vista will run fine though because it supports EFI as well as BIOS. My take, I think Windows server 2003 wsill run fine as Server 2003 supports EFI due to iTanium support built into Server 2003. I wont know though until either A) Someone acknowledges it or B) I buy an Intel based Mac which isnt likely to happen anytime soon.



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