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OpenSolaris released under the GPL3 January 28, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Jonathan Schwartz on his weblog has said that they want to license OpenSolaris under the GPL 3 and the CDDL license. First in my Opinion, thats impossible to do and actually still think that customers IP rights will be protected. IP is intellectual property for those of you who dont know. Sun right now is trying to stay on the “cool” side of the fence. They want Linux and defecting Microsoft developers. I think its shortsighted and foolish to actually give a thumbs up, or start planning to adopt a license thats incomplete, not yet a true license and you dont know all the terms of the license. If Sun adopts GPL v3 for OpenSolaris, not only as a software developer would I not develop technology for that platform but they are inhibiting the adoption of the platform because the customers and clients who wish to utilize DRM protections, will not be able to use the platform. As Linus Torvalds says, software licenses should not play politics. While I do not like DRM or big brother controls, they exist, people will want to use them. Sun needs to quit trying to kiss ass of a group they believe they need and do whats best for their customers. Not only the ones who do not like DRM but for those that find it necessary and wish to utilize those measures.



1. Anonymous - January 29, 2006

You’re an enemy of freedom.

2. Anonymous - January 29, 2006

If you dont like the GPL then you are out of luck. Microsoft is in its death throes. Windows is done for. You eaither adopt Linux and the GPL or your buisness is destined to fail

3. Kent - January 30, 2006

You’re right Sun needs to quit trying to
placate the GPL zealots. And speaking of
zealots, here’s a typical GPL zealot

> You’re an enemy of freedom.

Ugh, good grief! These people *really*
*do* believe that the GPL has something
to do with freedom. That’s scary.

4. Anonymous - January 31, 2006

I think Sun’s doing this to mess with Red Hat’s mind – if they adopt GPL, then why on earth would a developer or customer pick Red Hat over Solaris if Solaris is more functional, higher quality, and also offers an IP safe license (CDDL) as a backstop? Hm…

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