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Windows Vista UI complaints February 18, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

For those of you that are complaining about the Win Vista UI, I have some good news and some bad news. the bad news is the UI wont change. And why should it, the Win Vista UI is perhaps the most functional UI I have ever seen next to Workplace Shell on OS/2 or the old UI from the NeXT OS. It beats down the Mac interface and anyone who tells me that GNOME or KDE stands up to it, Im going to laugh hysterically, and I just had appendix surgery so that will definately hurt. The Windows vista UI is much more than about looks. People keep saying “its like the Mac” but to me being a user and a beta tester of Windows Vista the UI is much more than a pretty face. It has some functionality to it like the two I mentioned above. the Windows classic UI ie 98/2000 and the upgrade to the UI in XP really had no functionality added to it, it was a paint job on an old jalopi. The Win Vista UI has search integrated through it, the Virtual folder functionality is seamless andit has many new shortcuts like the new address bar that makes navigating the system easier and getting to what you want to do faster. So for those of you pissed off about the UI. theres more to it than meets the eye and when you use it you will appreciate what Microsoft has done… If you dont Im getting my SKS Assault rifle and I willa makea you appreciate it. Seriously, while it may be nice to have a visual representation of web pages in the IE tabs and while it may be nice to add system wide document viewers so that you can physically read your documents on the fly in my opinion that adds only bloat to the system, its going to slow it down because then Windows has to compute everyting and it takes away from the experience. And to you Linux guys at Novell, yes Nat, Im reffering to you. if you think adding transparencies, wobbly windows, drop shadows and adding OpenGL to the X Server will bring you up to par to Windows Vista and if you think those effects and 3D niceties are all that Windows Vista is about then you are mistaken and you probably will never get it. Theres an old saying in the south, dont try to polish a turd. For those of you still dont like the Windows Vista UI, well heres the good news. You can always customize your color scheme 😉



1. Anonymous - February 19, 2006

Hmm, Vista has nice features but it’s terrifying slow. Hopefully final is much faster. Nothing amazing yet, but I’m sure there will be.

It’s looks ok too, but nothing that can’t be done for example with Xgl with simple _plugin_ (distros and individuals can and will make their own effects).

And why comparing _upcoming_ Vista’s UI to KDE3 or OSX which are already pretty old?

Hopefully those Vista’s transparency and blurring effects can be switched off (I haven’t found that feature yet… please tell me if you know where I can do it).

Tuesday seems to be pretty interesting day when new Vista version comes.

2. Anonymous - February 19, 2006

You have some balls that clank. Putting msn search on a google owned blogging service

3. Anonymous - February 19, 2006

100% agreed.

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