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IBM vs SCO takes an interesting twist. Includes Microsoft February 22, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

IBM is at it again in their SCO case. This time they have issued subpoenas to Microsoft, Sun, HP and Baystar. See, IBM in my opinion is still playing this in the court of public opinion. Meaning they are trying to find a demon for their problems. Instead of getting statements and collecting developers notes and comments from their staff, they are still trying to take the popular road and thats to blame Microsoft. Reading the subpoenas available from Groklaw, half the Microsoft subpoena is irrelevant to their case, 2/3 of the Sun subpoena is irrelevant to their case. Most of the HP subpoena is irrelevant and Baystar is the only subpoena that i see that is at least almost totally relevant. The FSF says they wouldnt allow SCO to do a fishing experiment with their Subpoena, well thats exactly what IBM is doing is fishing. In my opinion this just shows IBM stalling for time.

BTW, Has anyone else besides me noticed that in IBM’s new print ads they have taken out the phrase “IBM recommends Microsoft Windows XP Professional for Buisness”?


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