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Microsoft has more Anti-Trust problems February 23, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Tangent, an OEM has stated that Microsoft is once again violating anti-trust. This time the culprit of Microsofts violations are the inclusion of Windows Media Player (again!!!) Active Directory, Windows Media Server and the .NET Framework.
My opinion,
Im going to take Microsofts side.  If this is the case, its anti-competitive for Apple to bundle iTunes, Quicktime and iPhoto. In fact Adobe stated it didnt create Photoshop Album for Mac OS because of iPhoto. Its also anti-competitive for Apple to bundle LDAP with Mac OS X Server and QuickTime streaming server, its also anti-competitive for Apple to bundle ClamAV with their server OS.  All these things they are complaining about, Active Directory and especially the .NET Framework are crucial for running Windows.  If Tangent went with a distribution of Linux they would have a bundled OpenLDAP, Helix Player and Helix Server and mono and/or QTall bundled in.  Wouldnt that be Anti-Competitive as well?  The reason these products are bundled is so they can work well with the OS. Also, Microsoft has had partnerships with Tarantella, now part of Sun and several interoperability initiatives to make competing Operating Systems work well with Active Directory. Novell NDS, and OpenLDAP are available for Windows and run well with the system.



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