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Sidebar options for Copernic Desktop Search February 24, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

The one thing Google has that Copernic does not is a sidebar. Despite my love for screen real estate, I have a huge monitor so I went ahead and found a pretty decent desktop sidebar. It has plugins, has a news reader that can have multiple feeds added to it and a slew of other features. I also found a plugin for Copernic Desktop Search. Its called simply the Desktop Sidebar. If you like sidebars or you use Copernic and want something to rival the Google sidebar, well here you go

Desktop Sidebar
Copernic Plugin

For Windows Desktop Search users it supports WDS natively just right click on the search button, go down to Panel Properties and for default engine choos Windows Desktop Search



1. Anonymous - March 16, 2006

Did you already have Copernic installed when you added CDS to desktop sidebar? I installed the plugin and properties are greyed out to configure it to work with Windows Desktop Search.

2. Tarrant - April 16, 2007

I do not think this plugin (dated 2005) works with Copernic v2. Unfortunate, because it would have bee nice to have.

3. Windows Search - August 14, 2008

Is Copernic Desktop Search still a valid option these days? Everyone seems to be talking about Windows Search and Google Search only.

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