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The sky is falling for Microsoft Office March 9, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Thats a joke but if you listen to Om Malik its going to be a reality. You see he is all cheery that Google has brought Writely. He is already, and Im sure Steven J Vaughn-Nichols will follow, touting the superiority and impending doom of Microsot office to Google Office. Well, it depends on what you want. If you want a $2.00 whore and you dont care about STDs and problems and are willing to take the chance she is only 13 yrs old you go with Google Office, if you want the $50.00 quickie whore you go with Openoffice.org but if you want that high priced pretty, smells good whore you go with Microsoft Office. So why will Google Office be a pain in the arse. Very simple, its web based. I dont trust anybody with my documents, my documents are mine and I dont trust the internet enough to actually edit them online, or store them on someone elses server. I like knowing where my documents are, I like being able to edit them any chance I get and even if I have network problems. If my connection goes down, I can still do my work and I dont have to worry, did I save it? Is it still intact? I like simplicity and fluid movement in my life.

So lets see how Om’s and Steven J. Vaughn-Nichols Google Office stands up to Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Office / Google Office

Outlook —————–> Gmail and GCal: Possibly a good alternative. Questions arise over Exchange compatibility, no Im not trusting Google with Company e-mail either. Who I meet with or what I am doing is no ones business.

Word ———————> Google Writely: Not a chance because of the web based nature and I would trust Google at storing my documents like I would trust that porn star Peter North with my wife.

Excel ———————-> ? : No equivalent and spreadsheet is a widely used feature of any Office suite

Access ———————-> Google Base: No contest unless he means they intend to take OpenOffice.org Base and make it a web app

PowerPoint —————> N/A : Why N/A, PowerPoint and presentation are very important to me so its not N/A, its a must have

$350 – $499 Free : I think I will forgo all the headaches and problems and just throw some money at it. Thanks for coming Writely

While it may seem more convenient, to me the security issues are the most crucial. If you dont want MS Office than switch to Openoffice.org, but for me Google Office gets leper status. (For those of you who dont know, leper status is stay the hell away from)



1. Anonymous - March 9, 2006

Your sick. You have a perverted mind comparing office suites to prostitutes. Google says its safe and I trust them. I have been using the share feature and no one has ever looked at my documents.

2. Anonymous - March 10, 2006

I second the sick comment. Furthering your analogy, I would classify MS Office as an old hag which still charges for her long-gone looks. There has not been much innovation in MS Office since 97.

Everyday I have to run around the same old bugs in Word. Excel and Powerpoint are excellent, the rest is just mediocre. The world is ripe for better software.

3. Anonymous - March 16, 2006

Actually, I lost more mail using MS Outlook / Outlook Express than I did with GMail. Not to mention all of the stability issues with MS Office programs. Obviously, I am one of the 99.x% users who do not need sophisticated VBA code in their documents etc. in order to be happy. And I do believe using the WWW as an “application basis” means freedom. It’s simply a matter of access, and this is changing rapidly.

As far as safety is concerned… I know only a few people who maintain a regular backup routine. And I understand that. Even though I cannot be 100% sure that Google will take good care of my data, I don’t mind giving a try. Contrary to Microsoft, this company doesn’t give the impression, that it’s all about money.

4. Tom - March 20, 2006

what an unpleasant analogy. is the degradation of women how you rate everything in your life, or do you just use that scale on office suites?

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