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Why is Vista better than XP? March 17, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Software reviews.

Mini-Microsoft guy asks the question “Why is Vista better than XP?”. I have been using Windows Vista as my main desktop for months now. I also have it installed on my laptop. I am with Robert Scoble on this, Im finding it very difficult to go back to Windows XP for anything with the exception of my tablet of course. Ive also come to a point where I hardly turn on my Mac anymore. Microsoft has done a really good job with Windows Vista and despite what the naysayers say, its definately a step above and beyond. But back toi the original question, Why is Vista better? Several points, yeah the safety and security are better, reliability is improved but are those selling points? Yeah they are but for small businesses the integrated apps will make it very attractive where before they had to rely on Shareware apps, for digital photographers the Photo Gallery and RAW support will be a plus, Windows Calendar is usable, doesnt beat EssentialPIM but its a start if all you need is calendaring. Windows Mail is definately more usable and has stronger Spam protection so now my non-techie relatives are adequately protected, the Integrated search will definately be a productivity booster because despite what I hear people say, I cant remember every single document I have ever wrote. I have over 10,000 documents on my computer so any desktop search tool helps, oh and despite what some Novellians have said, the integrated search works fine for me. Maybe you guys are using SLED with a Windows Vista theme when you say it doesnt work 😉 Improved Multimedia performance, improved Movie Maker, Integrated RSS, and a brand new browser that exceeds or beats Firefox at least. Parental controls so I can now monitor what the kids are doing. Improved Hardware support and a more streamlined, attractive and less obtrusive user interface. Windows Vista has something for everyone.



1. Rowan - March 21, 2006

Some how I’m not convinced.

* Rowan continues pondering…

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