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Google Calendar: be afraid Microsoft, be very afraid April 15, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Tech News.

Stan Beer wrote this for the IT wire.  While an impressive attempt by Google I see no real advantage to it that MSN Calendar or Yahoo Calendar don’t already offer and they have been in service a lot longer.  Those services have not garnered any major use or market share so whats the big deal with Google Calendar.  I think too many people are putting their hopes up for some insane reason that Google will kill Microsoft.  I am not excited about Google Calendar and when I heard the news and looked at the product my first reaction was like.  So?



1. Jim - April 15, 2006

Last time I checked MSN and Yahoo charged for their calendars, it was a lot harder to share your calendar, AND it was a lot harder to use their calendar. The reason those services haven’t “garnered” any major use is their poor design. Google’s competitive products easily win in a battle with microsoft because they cost nothing. Even if Microsoft offered their products for free I would still lean toward using googles products because they’re easy to use and easily accessible.

2. Roberto J. Dohnert - April 15, 2006

No they dont charge for their Calendars at all. MSN used to charge but the Hotmail calendar was always free. If youn sign into your passport or Yahoo account its totally free

3. Randy Ranson - April 15, 2006

The question is, with the US Gov.’s Security spying networks surveilling all activities on the internet, and planning to go after Google to read whatever they can on whoever they can. Why should anyone trust search servers like Google to handle their personal day by day calendar of activities. This would be giving the governments and anyone else who’s spying, more information than they need to know. Especially from the point of view of a calendar.

4. joey - April 16, 2006

What the bid deal with Google Calendar?

Um for 1, I can get SMS reminders to my cell phone when I’m out and away from my computer.

Lets see 2. I can share a calendar and view other people’s shared calendars. So I assume it will be a short time until Add to Google calendar buttons start popping up on event sites.

And 3. I can get RSS feeds from my calendar, meaning if I manage a calendar on my website, now I can just use Google Calendar to update events and have my site updated along with all its subscribers as well.

5. Harry Mclary - May 2, 2006


You are all so cute! You remind me of those OS/2 fans, who were so proud of the 32-bitness and true pre-emptive multitasking of that OS during Microsoft’s pre-Win95 era.

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