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Apple tells a 5 year old to shut up April 17, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Tech News.

Smooth move Mr. Steven Paul Jobs.  A third grader from the bay area was learning letter writing in school.  She likes the iPod nano that she has and had some ideas for improving it so what did she do?  She wrote a letter to Jobs giving him some of her ideas.  When she gott the letter back, some moron sent it to Apples law department and they sent a pretty harsh, grownup response to the 8 year old.

Dont get me wrong.  I understand why companies wont take unsolicited ideas.  There is a legal risk if they decide to use them.  Someone could come along and try to push IP rights and a minor cannot enter into a legal agreement.  So while yes, I understand it I think Apple should have been a little more curteous and as the mother said, write to your audience.

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