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Apple’s Plan to Provide the Best Windows Experience Anywhere April 17, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Tech News.

Robert Cringley on PBS has written a piece on how he believes Apple will become just another Windows OEM and get rid of OS X, oh and OS X Leopard will have a different kernel because of all reasons its performance lags behind Linux.  He attributes all this to BootCamp.

My take, highly unlikely and highly improbable.  The whole kernel issue aside Apple wrote Mac OS X is the OS for 20 years when it released OS X.  Custom fitting a kernel to OS X would take a lot longer than a year, in fact its highly unlikely they would have anything usable until at least 2008 and thats at least.  Developing and implementing a kernel takes awhile especially when you have to provide backwards compatibility and legacy support.  Its highly unlikely Apple would even give Linux the time of day for consideration as the kernel for OS X.  Linux advocates and others can make any and all claims they want, Mach performs very well as a Server.  Many people run Mac OS X Server and are very happy with the performance. I challenge anyone to find me an unhappy OS X Server customer.  If Apple drops Mach it would be the single biggest mistake Apple could make

BootCamp serves a purpose for Apple as well as Apples customers.  Apples customers get the ability to maximize their hardware purchase, if they have Windows Only software they need to run, they have the Windows option.  It also serves Apple because Apple does develop some Windows software, they test interoperability with Mac OS X Server and interoperability with Windows Server 2003.  Apple no longer needs to go out and buy Dells to develop for and test Windows.

I think Cringley is way off in left field with this one.



1. Mr. Pibb - April 17, 2006

If the Apple Hardware/Windows OS combination catches on, why would the theoretical Windows users boot into OS X? Does Apple really think that IT management, or the end user, would buy normally more expensive Apple hardware, run Windows, so that users can test the OS X waters on occasion? On maybe every full moon perhaps?

2. S - April 17, 2006


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