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Microsoft exec calls for calm on OSS site April 29, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Tech News.

This post deals with the Port25 site.  The SearchOpenSource.com site has an article where Bill Hilf calls for some calm in the seas of Port25.  I agree totally with him.  While Rev. Don Parris, editor-in-chief of Linux news site LXer.com, claims Bill Hilf is in the bottom of the pecking order and its true, he is.  But the good thing about being the bottom man is that someone above you had to actually approve the idea of the site before  it went live.  Microsoft is trying to improve its relationship with the Open Source community, and its done a decent job of it.  There is change coming at Microsoft and to beat an old saying thats been beaten numerous times, Rome wasnt built in a day.  Parris, ESR, and the other Open Source advocates can sit there and throw stones but you wanna know what.  I for one dont give a shit what happened between Microsoft and Korea in 1998, I for one am interested in what Microsoft has to say about interoperability and I for one think Port25 is a good idea.  If you hate Microsoft that much that you just want to come on Port25 and talk trash, do yourself and everyone else a favor.  Ignore the site.

Microsoft wants to build a community and they will.  As with most extremists that show up in forums these guys will eventually get tired and quit coming.  Those who are actually mature enough and professional enough to actually participate in this kind of setting will stay and things will get better.  I know Bill Hilf doesnt want to have to start modding and banning people but he will have to



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