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Windows defense on IE7 search is no defense May 3, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Tech News.

Stan Beer over on IT Wire has written an article on the defense that Microsoft has made in regards to IE7.  Where he claims that Microsoft has no defense on the IE7 search default.

My Take; Wrong on every count.  He claims what Google does by paying Mozilla and Opera and Dell is OK and not anti-competitive.  Its is anti-competitive becuase is Dell, Mozilla or Opera taking bids on which search engine to include in the search bars?  No, they dont.  In my opinion its more anti-competitive of Dell, Mozilla and Opera and their actions.  Microsoft has said that machine manufacturers will be able to change the default for whichever provider they want.  They have also said that administrators for organizations can change and use whatever search provider they want.  Stan’s whole article comes across as being anti-Microsoft more than pro-competition.

My hope is that the court takes into consideration Google’s. Mozilla’s, Dell’s and Opera’s anti-competitive actions.

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