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Office Genuine Advantage May 8, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Tech News.

In a followup to their wildly (un)popular Windows Genuine Advantage Microsoft has started the Office Genuine Advantage for Office XP and Office 2003.  User who want to be assured that they are running genuine office sofftware can now validate it similar to the way they do with Windows nagware and all.

Link to Office Genuine Advantage site

Well now they are also giving a reprieve, as they did with pirated versions of Windows.  If you’re using a pirated copy of Microsoft Office, you may be able to upgrade to a legit copy instead of the illegal copy thanks to Microsoft’s new anti-piracy plan. Microsoft will offer users licensed copies of Office in return for pirated ones under one condition: they must prove that they bought the software without any prior knowledge of its illegal condition. For users to qualify they must submit a proof of purchase, the counterfeit CD, and a report which covers the how, when, and where of the purchase. Finally, users must also have gone through and failed the OGA test.

Story here

My Take;  I disagree with software piracy.  People shouldnt steal.  But I doubt this initiative will help all that much.  Why?  People dont update Office like they do Windows so I seriously doubt many will even care.  For the home user Microsoft doesnt offer as much initiative for Office as they do with Windows.  For Windows you can only get Windows Defender if you validate, you can only get Photostory if you validate Windows.  You dont get sounds.exe if you dont validate Office.  With Openoffice.org getting more popular and more functional with every release  and on some desktops even displacing Office.  Hell I dont even know many people who know Service Packs exist for Office.   I just dont see how this is going to be effective and the only thing it defends is Microsofts revenue from Office.  This move from Microsoft is much like sex without the climax.



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