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Novell brands its own open-source religion May 10, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Tech News.

Novell is set to release its wave of Enterprise products according to Jeff Jaffe the CTO of Novell.  They also discussed their new ID framework called Bandit.  And of Course the SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop version 10 some exciting times for Novell and I wish em the best of luck

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My Take;  While I wish em the best of luck I do hope their final build of SLED is better than its Betas.  I think Novell will be hard to break through the shell Microsoft has on the corporate desktop.  A lot of corporations use Visual Studios and have internal apps that are targeted at the .NET Framework.  When/if Mono can come up with 100% compatibility with the .NET Framework then it might be a stronger offering.  It will be interesting to see how well SLED takes off.  Personally I think the audience they are targeting right now is a good move.  But Jaffe claims that " the combination of Linux on the desktop and server is advantageous to customers because of lower administration and training costs."  The same exists with Windows.  Nobody should expect Novell to win the corporate desktop overnight though and I think leaving out the consumer market is a bad idea.



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