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Initial thoughts on SUSE Linux 10.1 May 12, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Opinions.

After having played with it all night i will say this, its better than what I expected.  I have some new gripes, such as not supporting a network card previous versions supported and its a relatively new card, only a year old.  When your wireless connection gets dropped its easier to get it started again.  Im still not feeling GNOME.  If they had added some of the features of SLED 10,  I might feel differently, KDE still rocks.  Beagle is still annoying but at least they got it to work some of the time instead of none of the time.  What is it with those people and Beagle? Get the f–king thing to work properly or pull it out.  I know its not the system either because I have built Beagle under Fedora Core 5 and got it to work.  I have played with XGL for about 10 minutes but Im not all into 3D transluecency, flipping windows, wobbly windows thing. 

It didnt get rid of all my gripes, and I have some new ones but hell if you are a die hard Linux fan its a better desktop than the others out there except for Xandros.  if you are a Windows user looking to make the switch. Utopia still hasnt been reached.



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