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Symantec Sues Microsoft May 20, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Tech News.

Symantec has filed lawsuit againts Microsoft for breach of contract, trade secret violations and intellectual property violations from Microsofts contracts with Veritas
back in the 1990’s

Link to story

My take; Symantec hasnt mentioned what Microsoft has exactly violated.  Im  guessing either NT backup or Volume Shadow Copy.  If Microsoft can show that Veritas also contributed code to the Linux kernel for some of the storage capabilities that are similar on Windows then the trade secret stuff is out.  I wonder what Microsoft will countersue for.  If this threatens to delay Vista expect the suit to be used as an excuse or expect a quick settlement.



1. Anonymous - May 22, 2006

RJ, The artist formerly known as Beer28 here to say I DO NOT post on channel9. Sorry to disappoint. BCS is currently battling MSFT over IP in court and I am not posting there. I do however read it.

ChrisA, blatzcoder, ect… seem to be actual people.

If I could say anything to them, it would be to not waste your time with microsoft. That's what they want. Instead take your time and create better linux software or do whatever you want. M$ is a waste of time, it's a waste of money and it's just a waste.

Bill G is the smartest, most clever buisnessman in the world. That is my opinion.

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