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My frustrations with vista and tech journalists June 3, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Opinions.

Im pissed off with Windows Vista.  Why?  Its got nothing to do with Windows Vista.  Its got to do with these boneheaded journalists.  First we have the annoyed journalists like Paul Thurrott, who in fact are annoying, they dislike certain features of Vista.  Granted UAP pisses me off but its a feature.  Damning the whole OS because of one little feature is really stupid.  You dislike a feature in Vista fine, I dont like some features in Vista and there have been some that left me scratching my head asking "Why in the hell did they do that?"  The whole virtual folders idea was an example of that.  Putting a search bar on the start menu was another.  Am I damning the whole OS?  No, there is plenty that I like in Windows Vista. 

Now we have the boneheaded journalists like Steven J Vaughn Nichols which if I was Ziff Davis I wouldnt put him on the front page of eWeek.  He claims that Vista sucks because of performance and compatibility issues and touts that Linux is superior.  Steven most of the time has me scratching my head saying "Huh?"  his example is that he has to go off and download drivers to run wifi on Linux and that Vista sucks because it doesnt have that driver built in.  He also claims that Vista sucks with Microsofts minimum system requirements and that you need a circa 2005 machine to get any decent performance out of Vista.  Well Im using it right now on my e-mail and blogging computer which is a 700mhz P3 with a Gig of RAM, which falls below the standard BTW, and it works fine.  Im blogging on it right now, and listening to MP3’s and doing some minor surfing and while I wont win any super computer competitions the speed is comfortable.  800mhz to a ghz is pretty much the minimum on business PC’s these days and it really doesnt matter they wont run Glass or flip windows.

I personally dont get the negativity with Windows Vista.  Its shaping up to being a good solid release.  Sure we are in beta phase and betas are frustrating.  I participated in the Mac OS X Public Beta and the Solaris 10 early adopter program and those beta programs were way more frustrating than the Windows Vista betas.  I just dont get it.  No OS or software beta test I have participated in had 100% of the features I would have liked to have seen, this ones not any different.  Nothing is 100%

Windows Vista is a must have.  it reminds me of a cross of Ambient and Mac OS X and it makes black cool again.  ( Shows my diversity, I think I am the only man in the US with a MorphOS machine) My only suggestion is wait a few months to a year before upgrading and dont bother with OS upgrades, do a clean install

So why am I recommending upgrading until late 2007 early 2008 if Vista is so great?  It has nothing to do with Windows Vista quality wise.  Im saying hold off because while Microsoft may have their shit together upon release, device drivers need to be rewritten and fine tuned and if you use your system for critical functions then you dont want to be chasing bugs.  I did the same thing with Windows XP, professionals and enterprise customers I gave the advice not to upgrade from Windows 2000.  Windows XP in my opinion didnt justify the price or the headaches of a major migration.  Home users I suggested they wait a year before they upgrade but that they needed to upgrade.  My reasoning was because of hardware support and wait for Microsoft to get out the 1st service pack to fix any early flaws.  I was right on the money too.  All the home users I knew that had major system problems dealt with hardware on XP.



1. Woody - October 9, 2006

I don’t like the way it ask me if I AM SURE before I install or do anything. For shit sake JUST DO IT.!! There should be a way to turn this feature off I have installed an uninstalled two beta versions of Vista because it is so annoying. I will not buy it unless this feature can be disabled.

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