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Application singled out from Inclusion to Neowin June 12, 2006

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Neowin.net a longtime site that often promotes creativity and a place for people to express themselves has turned very dark. I had an experience recently with them that really influenced my impression of the site. As many of you know I run a site called The Internet Matrix that I use to deliver content whether its working with Active directory, working with the Windows command line, or just helping others with their problems in regards to computers. I often deliver my NTSH command tools and the CorePak and as with previous releases I posted their availability on neowin.net. Well, one of their mods declared
the availability announcement as spam and erased the posts and Im guessing the previous posts as I cannot find them anymore. I was a little confused by this as I said I have posted news on previous releases on the site before, other posters on the site often times post their own little applications, utilities and visual styles. while I lost a major sponsor and hosting service for the Internet Matrix I have had to resort to SaveFile.com, a service used by other posters on Neowin.net. In fact that is where I learned of the service.

Thinking it was a mistake and probable misunderstanding (goddammit I should have learned from Google) I contacted the moderator and was met with "I could always take it to one of the moderators or a supervisor of neowin.net", well I did and that moderator met me with a comment on hosting on geocities. Well I wrote back and tried to explain to him that only the summary page and the changelog, which only equals 24 kbyte and can be served something like thousands of times in an hour at Geocities recent bandwidth allowances and the software downloads were hosted on SaveFile.com. I have yet to hear back from that moderator and Im not expecting to.
The second moderator seems to have a problem with the CorePak and the Toolsuite as they are a collection of tools as clearly stated on my site by the way. he claims they are not updated. Well, Bamboo Software who develops some of the utilities updates his set of tools. They do not want to go Open Source with them so they are updated by the original developer. There is another company ,who along with myself, updates their tools and allows me to deliver them. As for the free Windows 2000 resource tools included in the Windows 2000 version. Nobody else delivers them all in a complete download and I did contact Microsoft to request permission to release these as part of my offering and was told as long as I put in the clause that they are unsupported by Microsoft and I cleared Microsoft of any liability. That is why in my warranty statement I put in that clause about MS. Its not because Im an MS fanboy or that its my "favorite company". I offer the CorePak for users who commented to me that they use an alternate shell such as 4NT, TCSH, PC-DCL, PowerShell and other shells and that they didnt need nor want NTSH. So NTSH was removed.

If I am not allowed to deliver my tools and utilities using the methods and services that other Neowin posters use should the other posters who make their wares available for download using the same services also be ruled as spam and deleted from the forums?



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