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SCO to Unix developers: We want you back June 21, 2006

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SCO, the company behind OpenServer and Unixware is offering 100k or a BMW to developers who write mobile applications using its Edgebuilder platform.  The contest is called " The Edgeclick Developer Challenge"

Link to story 

My Take; its a good offer.  If I had the time I'd take it but alas I dont.  The article states that developers dont trust SCO and that it will be difficult to find developers who would take the challenge.  While granted SCO is as popular as a cock rash these days they do have one thing.  SCO like Apple has a very devoted user base.  Seriously, the customers SCO has are very dedicated to OpenServer and UNIXWare and why not?  Both are very good, reliable products.  It may not get them more revenue but at least they are sustaining their current user base and unlike Microsoft customers, SCO customers upgrade when new releases are available.  Despite many of the naysayers and Linux Advocates/zealots/enthusiasts who believe SCO is dead after the IBM trial.  I do believe after the trial when SCO loses, the company will be alright.  Of course if SCO wins (which anything is possible with our legal system. Being an ex LEO I have seen men and women who are guilty as hell walk free and the innocent locked up) the public outcry will shock the Linux and OSS communities down to their very core.  Anyway, if you are a Mobile developer and want a BMW, why not participate.



1. Zootius - October 31, 2006

Would do – but check their website. The competition is still on – the deadline hasn’t changed – but the developer toolkit is still not available!

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