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Dealing with Microsoft Haters June 27, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Interesting Reads.

Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine has posted that article. In it they address everything from Bill Gates to pricing to product quality

Link to story

My Take; A very good read but the problems Microsoft has with its public appearance has often to do with its own actions and statements by executives. Not necessarily about Linux. Microsofts get the facts site has case studies by customers so I dont consider it any different from when Novell, Red Hat, Xandros or anyone else posts case studies. But they make incredibly weird announcements. Like claiming Windows Vista to be the most secure OS in the industry, why not just scream, Hack us!!!  Without any kind of worthy challenes its an awful stupid remark to make.  Then an exec argued with David Korn, the inventor of the KornShell, that their KornShell implementation licensed from MKS was standards compliant, when it wasnt. And there are more than enough examples. While Microsoft may be a leader its just not a trusted brand. A Forrester Research study on Brand trust shows Microsoft 20 out of 22. Microsoft has a lot of work to do to get brand trust and respect back from IT workers, not alternate OS zealots but IT professionals.



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