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ODF Plugin Completed June 27, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Tech News.

O3 has completed their ODF plugin for MS Office no files are available for download yet but it does appear that this plugin is now completed and works.  This plugin will help extend the life of MS Office suites back to Office 2000 and does not have the blessings of Microsoft who uses its software to strong arm consumers into upgrading.  Since ODF has become an ISO standard and despite backing from numerous giovernment agencies, Microsoft is still pushing its own OpenXML standard which has not recieved any kind of certification as an open standard and refuses to support ODF.  Only time will tell if Microsoft decideds the ODF plugin violates and invalidates your office support contracts.

Link to story 

O3 Website 

EDIT:  O3 stands for OpenOpenOffice

EDIT2:  I have been told I have it backwards.  Since the ODF Plugin is completed O3 End-Of-Lifed their project.  O3 will not be releasing any software at all nor did they assist in the development of the plugin as far as I know. My apologies for getting it mixed up and for any confusion.



1. Adam Kennedy - July 2, 2006

This is not true.

In fact, you have it completely backwards.

The ODF finished THEIR plugin, so we’re end-of-life’d O3, since it is no longer necesary.

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