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Microsoft To Enforce Volume License Key Compliance For Vista, Longhorn June 28, 2006

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In continuing their fight against piracy and making sure everyones legit.  Volume License Keys, most used in organizations where IT managers are responsible for their deployments and keeping track of how many licenses they have and use.  Before it was on the honor system on reporting.  Basically now, you have to validate before a 30 day time period and enterprise customers must report their license usage every 30 days.

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My Take; This has two sides to it.  The good side, being that no you have easier management of licenses and pirates with VLK’s will be screwed, for a short time anyway.  The bad to worse side of it is that like WGA Im sure there will be problems, flaws in the system where innocent legit users will perhaps be locked out of their systems resulting in lost productivity perhaps data loss where Microsoft will most likely be sued the hell out of.  But it all points to that WGA may actually start being used as a  kill switch  which is going to be a very messy proposition and it doesnt look to be very favorable to Microsoft.  So, Im thinking now may be an actually good time for Apple or Xandros to try to secure some high end OEM deals.  The way its looking it may soon be a very profitable venture for some lucky software maker.



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