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Sun: Open source is about self-interest June 28, 2006

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So now Sun is dictating how people think.  Sun says people need to stop thinking of Open Source as free but as “connected capitalism”.  they got a chance to speak at the Open Source Business Conference he discussed things like Open Source as a legal minefield and Warren Buffets recent investment in the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation

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My Take;Sounds like a pretty mindless speech.  He chided legal firms who offer protection for Open Source users claiming that “If you think Open Source is a legal minefield, you are doing it wrong” to which my response is Mr. Simon Phipps you are full of shit. Because of the pace of open Source development and the impossible task of checking ever single line of code its very easy for someone to slip anything in there.  Submissions are pretty much done through the honor system.  What happens if someone slips in proprietary code that was not released by the IP holder.  This is one flaw of the GPL 3 and Mr. Phipps interpretations.  Personally, Id rather pay $100,000 dollars for that protection then millions of dollars in lawyers fee’s and court time.   As for the Open Source Java question I love what IBM had to say:

IBM would gladly help Sun bring Java into the open-source realm

You wanna know why IBM is so eager? it has nothing to do with licensing fee’s or for consumers best interests.  Because then that control of Java goes straight from Sun to IBM.  Developers in IBM, BEA, Red Hat etc will be in contrrol of Java and Sun and the community will be just SOL. IBM and the others will make a good excuse, “Oh we know how to do it better, after all we have been working with Java for years” but make no mistake other corporations and interests will control Java.  So we are just trading in one demon for others.



1. Michael Hosting - July 1, 2006

It would be a great step. Open Java sources will result in active developments there and leverage Java’s performance and popularity even more. Sun may just preserve for themselves some partial niches that eventually would turn even more profitable.

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