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VLK Hell: Could Linux/UNIX Appeal to Microsoft Enterprise clients June 30, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Opinions.

The new VLK scheme for Windows Vista and Longhorn server while great to reduce piracy, is sure to inconvenience many.  Not necessarily for pirates but for legit users as well.  How many times have we legit users had to call Microsoft because we failed  the check.  I had to tonight on a new install, on a Toshiba with a copy that was bought direct from Microsoft.  How was I to know Microsoft was distributing pirated copies of its own software?  Anyhow, while I was able to get legit rather quickly, it was a huge hassle.  Now, when Microsoft implements this VLK registration scheme for its enterprise customers, they better make it as flawless as possible a procedure, Im talking surgical.  Nothing will piss an IT manager off more than having to waste his time on a glitch on behalf of Microsoft and waste his time on the phone.

This is where Linux or UNIX flavors could appeal, not necessarily for the Desktops but for the Server implementation.  I dont have that problem with Solaris, Linux, OpenServer, or any of the BSD’s.  And I dont have to waste anymore time on the phone.  There are some days where Im so busy I dont know if Im coming or going and there have been somedays three work days have passed before I realize its Thursday and I ponder what happened to Tuesday and Wednesday.  People are busy and if the new VLK licensing schemes prove to be more trouble than what they are worth, Im not going to worry about a 30 day deadline when UNIX or Linux or my current Windows Server OS works very well as a file server, directory server, e-mail server etc. Microsoft has got a lot of work to do with the new VLK scheme and if it proves to be as retarded sometimes as the current WGA validation scheme, Im going to go with the path of least resistance and when the servers die or need to be upgraded I will look at the alternatves if too many horror stories are out there.


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