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Where’s My Google PC? July 6, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Uncategorized.

Slate has put up an editorial called "Where is my GooglePC?" Where the author writes some commentary on how YouOS and Writely as well as other Google acquisitions and launches can make the perfect PC and you wouldn’t even need a PC.

Link to story.

My Take;  Thin clients in a corporate setting make sense.  Inside of a corporate environment you can make the easy judgments on your bandwidth needs and who will be using the network.  For one I can predict network downtime within an organization and plan accordingly.  If the Internet connection goes down, I dont have to worry about my users productivity (in fact it will probably go up since they cant surf the web) Now launch on a national scale a thin client PC, it would never work.  There is not enough bandwidth in the world to be able to cope with that demand.  And what would be more embarassing than to be giving a presentation and your Thin Client PC on the Internet goes down.  Thats how come Sun during its keynotes and other functions, while yes they use a Sun Ray the server that houses the OS software and application software is actually in the same building.  While YouOS and Writely and Google Spreadsheets make good proof-of concepts, their practicality is really low.  The idea of Thin Clients has been around for a long time, since the day of Dumb Terminals.  But using it for everyone on the planet and expecting it to actually be  maintainable is just a pipe dream that will never come true.  Someone will try though.



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