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Yahoo Sells non-DRM MP3’s July 21, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Tech News.

Yahoo is selling Jessica Simpsons new single "A Public Affair" as an MP3 without DRM.  Ian Rogers from Yahoo had this to say:

" ‘As you know, we’ve been publicly trying to convince record labels that they should be selling MP3s for a while now. Our position is simple: DRM doesn’t add any value for the artist, label (who are selling DRM-free music every day — the Compact Disc), or consumer, the only people it adds value to are the technology companies who are interested in locking consumers to a particular technology platform. We’ve also been saying that DRM has a cost. It’s very expensive for companies like Yahoo! to implement. We’d much rather have our engineers building better personalization, recommendations, playlisting applications, community apps, etc, instead of complex provisioning systems which at the end of the day allow you to burn a CD and take the DRM back off, anyway!’"

Link to article

My Take; Nice to see and I agree with the sentiment but one thing he has to remember its the Record labels property and they will go and do whatever needs to be done to protect their property.  Just like Yahoo doesnt like GAIM and third party IM apps to use their protocols, record companies have the right to implement or require to implement whatever security they deem necessary.



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