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OpenDarwin Shutting down July 26, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Uncategorized.

The OpenDarwin project is shutting down.

"Over the past few years, OpenDarwin has become a mere hosting facility for Mac OS X related projects. The original notions of developing the Mac OS X and Darwin sources has not panned out. Availability of sources, interaction with Apple representatives, difficulty building and tracking sources, and a lack of interest from the community have all contributed to this. Administering a system to host other people’s projects is not what the remaining OpenDarwin contributors had signed up for and have been doing this thankless task far longer than they expected. It is time for OpenDarwin to go dark."

Link to article

My Thoughts; I remember when the OpenDarwin project was started.  It has been a very frustrating run and I know Rob and Torrey were getting pissed at the infernal mess that was Darwin and with Apple releasing less and less source code because of fear of Piracy and witholding more than enough information, I dont think a standalone Darwin system is feasible unless of course you want to go the Hobbyist route.  Thank You Rob, Torrey and the others for a great site and a great job.



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