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UAC unleashed: User Account Control Overview for Windows Vista. July 26, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Interesting Reads, Tech News.

Wanna know why you desktop grays out with User Account Control and Windows CardSpace under Windows Vista? Or why you can’t click on any of the windows behind a UAC prompt? Well, both technologies are built on top of the Secure Desktop, which also powers the Logon screen and what you see when you give your computer the three-fingered salute. Secure Desktop runs in an entirely separate process from Explorer.exe (the Windows Shell), and uses a number of programming techniques that make it extremely difficult to plug into.

The end result is when UAC prompts you do do something, you’re actually not on your desktop anymore. You’re in a process that no other application can get in front of to fake you out. To ensure that the user isn’t shell-shocked by the change, Secure Desktop takes a picture of the desktop as it was just before the prompt appeared, applies a gray shading, and then uses that picture as the Secure Desktop background. That’s why you can’t click on any of the windows behind the dialog either: they’re not actual windows, just a picture of what you were previously doing.

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My Thoughts; UAC is an extremely good idea, sure programmers wont have an easy time with it but its a concept that should have been done awhile ago.  Sure SudoWin
is available but UAC doesnt have any kind of plugin architecture to it.  Microsoft needs to lighten up the prompts and programmers need to start thinking now of making their programs Vista ready and not wait until December to start planning.



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