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Hackers Crack Windows PowerShell August 2, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Tech News.

Virus writers in Austria have reportedly developed malicious code that targets Windows PowerShell, the command line interface shell and scripting language product being developed by Microsoft.

Security company McAfee warned this week that it had detected the worm, called MSH/Cibyz.

MSH/Cibyz is designed to spread using the Kazaa file-sharing network, and the worm runs in PowerShell, which is due to ship in the second half of this year. PowerShell, formerly known as Monad, will underpin future Microsoft products such as Exchange Server 2007.

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My Thoughts; Why does everyone try to make the claim they cracked PowerShell.  They havent, for this worm to work you need user interaction at the shell.  Since PowerShell doesnt have a designated doc handler assigned in XP or Vista it makes the worm redundant. Second, It spreads via Kazaa and how many business users have Kazaa installed?  Third, Being as PowerShell will not be shipped installed by default on machines but rather users must download and install the shell it will equally be hard to spread.  False alarm, get back to work.



1. kazaa for windows vista - February 2, 2008

kazaa for windows vista

haha gotta love Windows…

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