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Linux — Like No Other Hotrod, Ever August 6, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Opinions.

” The world’s biggest software company (monetarily) had a 16 year head start and has been passed in less than 15. Linux supports more devices and “supports more different processors”

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My Thoughts; LXer is an editorial site so no journalistic or professional knowledge is gained from their articles.  Im just simply stating facts that they neglect to mention. Simply a matter of cheerleading on LXers part.  I have recently switched to BSD and LXers and Greg Kroah-Hartman are simply wrong.  Linux does not support more hardware out of the box.  The gag to that is my digital camera, WebCam and WiFi PCMCIA card dont work in Linux ‘out of box’.  When I switrched to BSD I was expecting the same thing but they are supported natively on BSD.  Go figure.  Its not just that, I have set Linux up on other hardware architectures and some foreign peice of hardware has killed it every time.  Now try the same thing with BSD. UNIX supports a wide variety more processors out there and BSD actively supports the processor families.  What I mean by that is on an Alpha, I get the updated packages, on SPARC, I get updated Packages, hell on 64k I still get current packages.  PowerPC and everything else, I get full support and up to date packages.  There are very few Linux  distributions that support Alpha and SPARC and even then guess what, you are on your own when it comes to support.  The NetBSD team and FreeBSD team continuosly strive to provide the equal level of support for each of the platforms that exist and what platform support FreeBSD lacks, NetBSD makes up for it.  When I go to the forums and mailing lists for whatever BSD support I need, Im not called a noob and I am not told to go read a book.  So far, everyones been very polite and knowlegeable on the BSD forums and mailing lists and Im not sent an e-mail on how someone is tired of people asking Linux questions in a Linux forum, that truly has happened, now onto MS.  Microsoft supports Windows on x86 and x64, their customer base mostly runs on those architectures.  But Windows also runs on ARM, PPC and other mobile processors.  It even runs on the Mac G5, the machines used for X-Box development and the XBox 360 runs on PowerPC’s and sports a customized Windows kernel.  It also might be fair to mention that since developers in the Linux world tend to lock out proprietary drivers and sabotage the kernel to refuse binary drivers their hardware support is going to drop right to the pits of hell.  The only saving grace for the Linux community will be Linspire and Xandros, who include Binary modules and drivers and have basically told the FSF to go to hell.



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